Anybody here uses an eink tablet like boox, supernote or remarkable? What’s your workflow?

I too like the fountain pen setting for taking notes.The stylus behaves very similarly to the fountain pens I have with stub nibs. Vertical lines are thicker than horizontal lines. When I write the line variation is very pleasing and helps mask my poor handwriting.

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Well I want it even sooner now! :joy:

I think last time I asked this (last year maybe :thinking:) the Scribe didn’t mark up PDFs in a way that was compatible with other apps (the “PDF standard” we are vaguely wandering towards). I.e. a marked up PDF with highlights and notes wasn’t cross-compatible with other apps. Is that still the case?

There are limits to compatibility. To test them, I exported a file from Ulysses as a PDF file. Then marked it up in Notability on the iPad. Then I transferred the marked up file to the Scribe with the Send to Kindle feature. The hand notes that I made in Notability show up on the Scribe just fine. However, I can’t erase those notes or lasso them.

The Send-To-Kindle step is likely to cause problems with some files. Some people may find that they can’t work with at least a few of their important files.

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Gosh that was thorough, thank you!

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Just as a I get a good workflow, I accept a new job and I won’t be able to use my Remarkable in the new role, so it’s got to go :frowning:

A shame, as I really liked it for note taking. Looks like I’ll be back to paper and pen!


How come?


It’s an MOD controlled site.

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Scribe has arrived over a week early. Won’t get much done tonight! :sunglasses:


Is the remarkable keyboard worth it?

I would love to know your thoughts.

I have wondered if I should invest in one the these digital notebooks - but I have a Rocket Book that I rarely use. I also have apps such as Good Notes and Notebooks, which I use on my ipad, but they don’t feel great for writing notes. Fine for annotation and as a digital scrap book, but I never use them to think in, or write notes - I still use paper for that - which has its own issues.

My wife has the keyboard, and I’ve messed around with it. I think it’s $150 if you have an active Connect subscription (and you get a free year with a Remarkable). For $150, it is a very nice keyboard. On par if not better than typing on my Magic Keyboard for iPad. That said, do you like the idea of having a digital typewriter experience? That’s basically just what this is, and if you want that, it’s great. It’s also a decent case and doesn’t make the reMarkable uncomfortable to use.

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I have just noticed that Remarkable charge a subscription for cloud storage.Does this mean you can not use your own cloud storage, and does it work without cloud storage?

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I still haven’t pulled the trigger on an e-ink reader (I just want an Apple product!), but I wanted to share an update of how I’ve made my iPad more eye-friendly, for those like me that have problems with the screen.

One trick has been shared in the forum before. I have Night Shift in Settings > Display & Brightness scheduled and set to run from 05:00 to 04:59, and it’s on the More Warm setting. This means my screen always has an orange tone.

This helped a lot, but in the end I decided it wasn’t enough, so I have also recently switched to a greyscale screen, using the Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size > Colour Filters > Greyscale (Intensity is by default set to max and I haven’t touched it).

I’ve left the Night Shift running, which means my screen now has a warm toned, greyscale display. I had also disabled auto-brightness a long time ago, and rarely go full brightness.

Anyway I have found this pleasing and it’s much nicer for reading on screen, so I thought others might find it helpful too!


Good tip. Wondering if a shortcut could be created to toggle the greyscale on/off?

I love a good Shortcut and this is a super easy one, only one step!

Once you’ve opened a blank Shortcut screen, search in the apps list for “colour filter”. There is an action available, “Set colour filters”. If you select it, it defaults to “Turn colour filter on”. Click on “turn” (the word) and it will present you with the possible actions, and you want to change it to “toggle”. This means your shortcut will turn it on if it’s off and off if it’s on. (In contrast, “Turn” only does an action one way, as scripted).

That’s it! Then you can just add a button to your home screen or on an iPhone 15 Pro you could map the shortcut to the new action button if you’re feeling fancy.

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P.S. I haven’t done it, but if you want to embrace our automated robot future even more, and you’re already running a reading mode shortcut, you could add this as a step in that shortcut.

For example, my reading mode shortcut sets reading mode, stops all music, and starts a timer on Toggl Track. It would be very easy to also set it to switch the device to greyscale. (I don’t need that as greyscale is now my default, but if you only want greyscale for reading that would be a fun shortcut.)

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There’s an even cooler way to do it! I was just seeing what else you can do in the Accessibility settings, and if you go to Settings > Accessibility > Accessibility shortcut (at the bottom of the list) > Colour Filters, you can set the top button on an iPad so that if you click it 3 times the screen switches between greyscale and colour! No shortcut needed!


This is absolutely fantastic! I had wanted something like this for ages. Thanks for sharing.

Apologies to @Jvet for taking this a little off-topic. @Pupsino - I am so glad you brought up grayscale. It is so relaxing for me to use a grayscale filter. I use a Mac ≥ 95 of the time. I set intensity on grayscale to the first notch below 100% (just a tinge of color). I made a shortcut to toggle filters on/off so it’s incredibly easy to go back and forth. Wouldn’t have thought of this had you not mentioned it. It’s these kind of things that makes this forum so beautiful. :grinning:

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