Anybody tried Roon Arc?

I know there are some Roon users here. Anybody tried out Arc yet? I think I may have found a solution to the problem I wrote about in my music library management thread.


I have, yes, but only on my internal network. So far, it is FAR more reliable and less buggy than the old iOS/iPadOS app. To use it outside your local network, they want you to forward ports through your firewall so you can access your Roon Server/Core. I don’t plan on doing that. I’m hoping that activating the VPN I use to connect to my home network will do the job, but I haven’t had a chance to try that yet.

I hope this helps.

I don’t have a dedicated Roon server, Roon core is running on my Macbook. So I don’t really care about streaming my music outside my local network. However, I really got interested when I learned (in the video above) that you can download your music from your Roon core to the Arc app on your iPhone and then listen to it offline. Just like any other streaming service.

Tailscale might be helpful.
It’s free.

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I’ve been using Arc for about a week now and it’s very good, still areas to improve but for a first release, it’s solid.

The setup process to access it from outside the house was easy and worked well.

I’ve downloaded ~10k tracks to it for offline use and it works well, my dongle DAC (Cayin RU6) is picked up fine and outputs in hi-res for those tracks. To do this right now you need to create a playlist of all albums and sync that.

The only area of frustration is when you set the app to ‘offline’ (e.g. for flights) as you then can’t use search or see the album list etc… So I have a flay playlist of 10k tracks with no way to group by album and can’t search. There is a workaround though, using the ‘tracks’ view you can filter (aka search) and find a track/artist/album that way.

Not having this function made me cancel Roon a couple of years ago, so I think this will get me to sign up for a year.