Anybody using Vivaldi?

I have spent the last week using Vivaldi instead of Firefox. I like it. Seems fast, configurable, and has some additional interesting features. Has anybody found any major problems or downsides?

I’ve intermittently used Vivaldi since it launched and never really found any problems with it. I like some of the decisions they’ve made recently regarding privacy so I plan to start using it more.

I use Vivaldi for work tasks, and Safari for personal. I used Vivaldi for several months, and then switched to Edge for a few months when Vivaldi was slow coming out with an Apple Silicon version. I switched back to Vivaldi a few days ago after learning they released an Apple Silicon version a while back. Edge, for a reason I couldn’t figure out (maybe something I didn’t configure right), stopped working with my “click on found image” actions in Keyboard Maestro workflows.

I’m probably not Vivaldi’s target market, as I don’t really use many of the features. I also worry that those features might come at the cost of battery life on my MacBook, but I’m rarely away from power for extended periods. I’d happily use Safari instead of Vivaldi, but I found I needed to allow cross-site tracking to get Safari to work with an Outlook Add-in that my firm uses (I tried everything, including whitelisting the needed sites in various places in Safari settings, with no luck).

What’s great about Vivaldi, other than privacy?

Do they have any plans to come out with an iPad and iPhone version?

It’s a great web browser for power users. Judging by the setup screen in the latest update, I believe they’ve also been trying to attract regular users too.

In my opinion, Opera is a better web browser for power users. Opera GX is great if you’re a gamer.

I believe that Vivaldi is basically now put together by the old Opera team before Opera was purchased by a Chinese consortium.

Opera was a great browser and was an alternative to Firefox and Chrome. I used to use it and it had bookmark sync I think before some of the others but it was also very customisable without plugins.

Vivaldi was marketed for power users. I haven’t used it for a while, but it was very good. Tempted to give it a go again, but I’m a big fan of the Firefox Container add on, which lets me open different tabs as different focuses (so I can keep work and personal items separate but in the same browser).


You can do that in Vivaldi! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I do not partically care about the regionality of a company that makes a web browser. The quality of the actual software product itself is much more important to me.

Regardless, “workspaces” are the one thing that makes Opera better than Vivaldi. They are much better than Vivaldi’s “Tab Stacks” in pretty much every way.

Opera’s website describes the feature in all of its greatness.

In that case, no one uses anything other than Google Chrome anymore (with the exception of Safari).

Linus Tech Tips talked about Opera GX in a video that currently has 3,700,798 views and 150K likes. That is a lot of people who know that Opera GX exists and like it.

There is even a fairly active Opera GX community on Reddit.

More recently, a mobile version of Opera GX was announced. It will be available on iOS and Android. So far, it has already been receiving a lot of positive feedback from users.

Well, that’s a cynical way to look at it. I can’t imagine Vivaldi’s community being more “active” than Opera’s community.

Every China based company is under the control of CCP. Your data will never be safe with them.

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Which is being used as blackmail against Chinese citizens…

All the time, I see it happen online.

They also use it to spy on foreign citizens and governments. Or to steal IP.

If I do come across any examples in the future, I will definitely share them with you if you really do want to see them.

I think we’re talking about different things - that’s grouping tabs. I’m in about being signed in to Office 365 on two different tabs and they don’t effect each other, as they have two different cookie/cache locations. It’s effectively running two different browsers, but in one single browser. There’s no sharing of data between the tabs. Add On.

I could achieve the same by using Chrome for work, Firefox for personal etc. Or I could use something like Coherence or other single site brower.

Oh, I see now. Opera has that feature built-in, but Vivaldi does not. I guess we’ll have to wait for it to be added.

I agree 100% in theory. In practice, I find myself caring quite a bit when the regionality of the company means that there’s a government potentially logging all of my data for whatever use they can come up with.

I think you mean that it’s being used as a basis for discrimination against Chinese citizens, rather than blackmail?

If so, that’s horrible. Although I’m pretty sure that the vast, vast majority of the MPU audience is capable of drawing a line between “a person from China” and “the Chinese government”.

I’d happily support an app from Chinese developers. But for apps that basically get access to vast swaths of my important data, I’m not cool with that data being sent through servers that are known to be under the control of the Chinese government.

And generally speaking, that’s true of any government with arguably-nefarious intent - not just China.

It would also be true of any company that expresses their intent to log my entire browsing history and data-mine it for their own purposes.

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I checked it on DuckDuckGo beforehand. I guess the internet is lying to me? :man_shrugging:

Uh, I’m glad you’re keeping count? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

On my end, Google is saying the opposite of what DuckDuckGo said. You could definitely be right.