Anybox- seems pretty great

I’ve been using Raindrop for quite some time, but it has some limitations as to what can go in it. After reading Federico’s review of Anybox in Macstories, I’ve been trying out Anybox, and it is really impressive! It is available for Mac and iOS.

In many ways, it is similar to Raindrop, but more powerful. It is able to handle links unusually well. For example, in addition to accepting websites, PDFs, and files, using Hook, it accepts emails from Spark, Evernote notes, etc, and you can change the title of these as well so they make sense (and don’t just appear as long links). The UI is great, and there are other additional features… anyone have experience with using this for some time?

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that’s interesting, I am thinking of doing the reverse. I have been on Anybox for one month pro’s plan and find there are a number of things missing, such as the parser is not great, some or most sites I cannot download the articles, it does not support highlights, etc

Just wondering what limitations you experienced on ?

Interesting… I’m not really finding anything I can’t put into Anybox. If I put a PDF in there that is local, sync is practically instantaneous and it shows up in my other devices and opens without any problem… As mentioned, with Raindrop, I’m not able to put certain links in, such as links to a Spark email, Evernote note… Just finding that it handles deep links better and seems more robust… Raindrop is good too though.

Interesting point about Raindrop not handling local links…

One other thing I like about Raindrop is the way it (usually) archives the saved page. That said, you’ve got me curious about Anybox again. Will take another look and compare.

I’m a big anybox fan, installed it after someone suggested it on here to me a while ago. Honestly it’s in my opinion the perfect bookmark manager and a tool I now use every single day on all my devices

I tried Raindrop many times before but it’s just way too slow for my taste. Anybox is native and you can feel it - everything is snappy, and on the screen instantly. It’s also very keyboard oriented with things like quick find, or global hotkeys to quickly open a alfred/raycast-like dialog to open bookmarks

I am very happy for the dev to hear that it got covered on macstories. He’s been super responsive on all my messages and implemented ideas/suggestions I brought up almost immediately in the past.
For me personally - there’s currently nothing I’m missing from it (in the context of a bookmark manager), everything I wanted got added over the months

I must be doing something not right to the app and to the developer.

I have no issue saving bookmarks but the pro version is supposed to save the content as archive. The app is able to do this to some sites or other sites do not have this option , example below

I emailed the developer for 7 days and after the initial question asked never heard back even after 3 email chaser

There’s the right-click → Archive As (also available through keyboard shortcuts and menu) action, do you mean that?

I guess, yeah, automatically archiving right on import is not added yet

/EDIT: oh actually there is auto archive functionality, but you have to enable it for specific domains in settings. You could try adding * here to tell it to always archive everything:

thanks @fairlydoughnut , the developer also got back to me and resolve all my issues.

I am good now with Anybox

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