Anyone care to share their photography?

We sometimes talk about the hardware and software we use for our photography, but it seems rare that we share our photographs or where are photos can be found. Anyone care to share?

I used to post at Flickr, but now post all my photos to as it’s just easier to keep it all in one place.

Hopping back in to edit: when I originally posted, I was thinking folks would share links to where their photos could be found but the responses have been actual photos which is also fine. I’ll add a couple of mine below. I mostly share my nature photography which ranges from moss and fungi to insects, flowers and birds. Nothing fancy on the software side, everything in Apple photos, which is what I use for minimal editing. Most of my current photography is with the iPhone, older photos that were taken in raw are converted from RAW to Heif with Darkroom. Any touching up is done with a Pixelmator Photo.


Some of my favorites. All taken with iPhones.


Sure - my work can be found here: James Moat Photography



Not a great photo, but I took it yesterday with my iPhone while out on a bike ride. There’s a surprise feature in the lower left hand corner.

If you look down in the left hand corner, you’ll find this fellow having a wee snooze (I suspect he or she lives in a house with young children):



:point_up_2: The view from my desk at sunset


I don’t bulk post my photos online, I just share them individually with family.
Here’s a nice one I took from my balcony yesterday.
Shot on my Olympus, processed with PhotoReviewer, DxO deep Prime, Hazel and Keyboard Maestro.


Gone are the days when I could lug around a high-end Canon DSLR with a massive lens to photograph my beloved big cats around the world:

I’m now reduced to landscape photography with a Leica Q2 (a superb camera but I miss the telephoto lenses on occasion):



Couple of iPhone photos:


iPhone snap of Memorial Day in my small town …


Sunrise from the hill …


Beautiful work, everyone!

This is the photo I take at least once a day, every day from my kitchen window. Taking this photo is the first item on the to-do list in my daily note.

Here’s today’s photo.

Here’s the same shot from just over a year ago. As you can see, I’m losing my view of the iconic Met Life Building and Tower. I started taking this photo around 2015 to document the changing skyline.

Here’s a very high drama shot from July 2022. The new building is just starting to peep into view.

I’m in the process of updating my website with new and re-edited photos, but the old stuff is still up for the time being. I also have an account on Glass, but I’ve been really remiss about posting new things there.


Wow! Beautiful, every one.

I don’t share here because I never felt it an appropriate thing to do when the discussion was about the technology (unless illustrating a concept, I guess).

I kinda don’t count my iPhone when it comes to photography. I take plenty of photos with it, but many ‘just because’ and most don’t come out as I would hope. But my DSLR is one of my most enjoyable hobbies and what I publish from that ends up on Flickr.

Embedding Flickr images is easy. On this forum, just paste the share URL and a suitably sized version gets embedded. If you want to see more of my work, just click on any of the photos which will take you to the Flickr page for it, and from there you can explore.

Most of my images are a reflection of my ‘avgeek’ nature. This was taken yesterday when I went out to the airport purely to take photos.

My other great love is local bird life. This is my best shot. A fairly common/ordinary bird (in the location), but an uncommonly good (for me) composition, and some real oomph from the right software (Aurora HDR).

I haven’t travelled much, but when I do, it’s not real if I don’t take photos. This was my wife and my first trip out of the country in 21 years, when we went to Singapore in 2019 (the timing of which I have been thankful for so much in the last 3 years!)



West Dover NS from our Maritimes trip last summer. View from our lunch spot.


Absolutely, I would love to share my photography!

Old-school, higher-quality on Flickr: John Beales | Flickr
Somewhat more social stuff on Insta:


Some really great images! Thanks all for sharing!

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The inside of Bell Works, formerly Bell Labs. And the outside. Yes, it was used in Severence on Apple TV+


A few pictures I took with an iPhone (not retouched). Band is Cha Wa from New Orleans. Other 2 are from my yard.


Is the iconic transistor-shaped water tower still there?

I vaguely remember I made a sales/marketing call there once. Can’t even remember the company I worked for at the time - might have been Cisco systems.

It was impressive site, but was too heads-down in work to appreciate the grandeur and didn’t know the history at the time.

(Later found out one of my college buddies actually worked in the building somewhere at the same time I was there!)