Anyone else have Fantastical for Mac stop showing *any* events?!?

I’ve sent a note to their help desk; but wonder if anyone else has had any trouble.

Their reporting form has several subject dropdowns for “What can we help you with?” … They do not have one for: “Running around with my hair on fire!”

Thank goodness the app on my phone (and Outlook on my Mac) are still showing events.

Fantastical is suddenly showing (for tomorrow), no events “Enjoy your day!” when I know I have something at 10, noon and 6 p.m.

All of the linked accounts look fine. Same (luckily) is true in Outlook. It shows the events!

Added an event in Google’s calendar and it showed up in Outlook; but not in Fantastical. So the “remote” calendars are sharing data updates; but Fantastical isn’t “listening.”

Gotta be either a major failure OR it’s something I did(!).

I never rule out “Operator Error” when I’m the operator!!

We’ll see what they say.

One of the only “unusual” things I do w/ my mac is frequently run privacy/clearing software (PrivacyScan and CleanMyMac X apps). … I dislike FB (and others) tracking me. I often use Chrome and clearing many cookie repositories (etc) helps.

Neither of those programs should affect Fantastical should they?



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I had a little weirdness yesterday when an event I added in Fantastical on the iPad showed up on my phone and in Google Calendar on the web, but not in Fantastical’s Mac app.

A restart of the Mac cleared out whatever the issue was. I have no idea what caused the problem.

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Rebooted and no change (“Whew!” … Only because, if THAT were the solution, I’d feel bad for typing so much! … I think I’ve rebooted a few times since whatever I did broke Fantastical though sigh).

My phone suddenly had no events a few weeks ago. Other devices were fine. I removed and re-added the accounts to fix it. Support was absolutely no help trying to diagnose why it happened or how to prevent it despite offering to send logs, etc.

I once had a problem with Fantastical not syncing. It was a broken event gumming up the works. Support rooted out the cause of the issue very quickly and once that event was gone everything synced properly again.

Just to say it out loud and cover the basics, you do have the calendars turned on for the calendar set you have selected?


Bummer. I thought it was worth a shot — it took me longer than it should have to just try a reboot.

I hope you’re able to get it sorted quickly!

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Thank you all for the insights!! @acavender Amy, “turning it off and on again” is always a good option; thank you for reminding me to try! @JohnAtl, you are close, something DID change re: which calendars were displayed.

Kudos to Flexibits, who answered my query within 24 hours(!).

Here’s part of their answer:

"It sounds like you might just be viewing a calendar set in the app with no calendars included in its group. On the Mac app, you can change the calendar set by clicking on the set name (lower left corner) to “All Calendars” and this should bring your calendars back into view. "

I did not know about this “calendar set” feature. It got “turned on” somehow – “View calendar set” with nothing in the group/set would be blank and that’s what happened.

I don’t know how. … But will attribute it to something I must have done.

Looks like I can switch to “All Calendars” by hitting “^1” and “My Calendar Set” by hitting “^2” … Could have “fumbled”/goofed when trying a keyboard shortcut in another program (although I don’t specifically hit CTL and a number for anything, I suppose

I could have been trying for a screen shot and missed both the shift key and the correct number!

Kudos again to you all (most of my original post was to see if this happened to others (as it feels like I only recently updated my OS) and, since it didn’t, that began to point to a PEBKAC* error!



*Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair :wink: