Anyone else noticing Safari Tabs disappearing?

Been noticing that Safari tabs just disappear for no reason and are nowhere to be found, not in other Safari windows or anything.

I’ll have opened another window in slide-over or something like that, and when I go back multiple tabs, a whole session, is just gone. In all fairness, I have a lot of tabs open a lot of the time. But it’s really frustrating when they just disappear.

Anyone else noticed anything like this?

Check your Settings / Safari options. iOS 13 has an option to automatically close tabs based on your choice of time. Mine are set to close after one day.

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Thanks. It’s set to manually

I just ran into this same sort of thing: had opened up a second Safari window (did so inadvertently from within Safari) and i the process of trying to close the inadvertent window, found that i had clased BOTH my Safari windows. And when i had re-opened Safari, instead of seeing all the tabs i’d laid out last night (sure, too many, but …), they were ALL gone.

I did check my Settings / Safari options - not set to expire for a month - so shouldn’t have lost last night.

MacOS offers a “re-open recently closed tabs” feature - but not seeing that in iPad.

I think this is now the second time its happened to me in a few weeks - the first time i wondered if i was just losing it a wee bit, but this time i’m sure i repeated the sequence of that last time - starting with trying to remove an inadvertently opened a second safari slideover window.

Others seeing this? And have a suggestion for tab recovery - other than rummaging thru History and trying to remember what i had open?


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It’s happening to me often. No pattern and I’ve not found any solution so far on this forum.

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Not getting any on my Mac Mini. But the mini’s tabs show on other devices

Just had this happen again after I forced quit Safari open my iPad and then all the tabs were gone. Extremely frustrating

Oh. This is just so. darn. painful.
I have around 300 tabs open. I accidently open one in side view when I’m just moving the tab order and it decides its “side view time”. I’m panicking and merging all windows by long-tapping the 2-square icon in the damned sideview. It’s all back, pfew, I relax. And then I come back to safari a few minutes later (my guess - it loads off from memory when I use something else). And then there is only one window with freaking TWO tabs from my old window. There are definitely no other windows found by bringing the dock up and tapping the safari icon. And there’s no offer to restore the last closed safari window on that screen. There are none of the lost tabs in the “recently closed” list via long-tapping the plus sign in the current window either, just the regularly closed tabs.

Just back up your tabs, guys. Don’t repeat my mistakes. Especially, back up every time you do a side or split view, via the bookmark all open tabs option.

If I’ll figure out the exact pattern that reproduces the issue every time, I’ll surely bring it up to Apple (what is the most efficient way?). But it saddens me the issue has been there for years.

I also wonder, if I had any root access, would I find files like session.backup, like with some desktop browsers? Couldn’t google that info at all.

It seems to happen to pinned tabs too.

You’re probably talking about Mac? As far as I know, iPad Safari can’t pin tabs yet. And with a Mac there’s at least access to the ~/Library/Safari/LastSession.plist file, probably makes it easier to have a backup scheduled.

Yeah, it is annoying how my pinned tabs like to disappear often.