Anyone else part of the Clay (CRM) beta?

I’d be interested to hear other people’s thoughts on this - having heard good things (and joined the waiting list), I’m feeling under whelmed given the price tag that they want to charge me, and really not sure why I’d pay it.

To be honest, I feel that the whole ‘contact’ space has moved on a whole lot over the last 18 months but would be interested to hear from other people around whether I’m just not getting it.


Not the kind of response you were asking for, but I had a very similar experience. Received my invite, balked at the fees (and I’m not against paying for apps that I’ll use). Doesn’t feel like I’m missing anything, but open to being proven wrong. Keeping eyes open for other responses…

All I know about Clay is what I’ve read which is very little and was devoid of any real information. I did see one YouTube video which was made by someone who appeared to be using the beta for the first time. At this point it looks like you have to pay to try the Clay beta sight unseen, correct?

My first “CRM” was a manila file folder containing everything I knew about current and potential customers. The last one was the system used by the call center I supported.

In its most basic form a CRM system is a just a contacts app. The best “personal CRM” I ever used was Busy Calendar & Busy Contacts. The killer features for me was presenting contact information along with all relevant emails, calendar events, and info/posts from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. in a single view.

It does appear that Clay may do some site scraping or linking to provide this type of additional data. But until they decide to bring their product into the daylight I personally would not be spending any money to see what is behind the curtain.

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