Anyone else using Aaptiv (audio workout app)? I am LOVING it!

As someone who finds working out a necessary evil of life, I am giving Aaptiv a solid try and something mysterious is happening: it’s making working out fun. Like, it’s making me look forward to it.

For one, it’s a tremendous example of an exceptionally well made app. Great design, easy to use and fun. But the whole concept of an app that has a workout where you get to pick the music style, the workout style and duration, the difficulty level and lots of other options make it feel very “let’s do this at wherever you are at”

Cheesy as it may sound, the coaching over the music is the best part. The people that they get for these workouts are awesome. Having music is great, but having someone in your ear pushing you to do your best is actually super helpful.

Anyone else use Aaptiv? What are your experiences?