Anyone figure out live scores yet?

One of the features I’m most excited about in iOS 16 is live sports scores. I’ve googled around a bit, but can’t really figure out how to do this. There is a Maple Leafs v Rangers hockey game tonight that I’d like to follow on my Lock Screen. But how?

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My assumption was you needed to have an app that had the feature built in. I’m not sure what apps would offer this though.

Go Leafs!


Thanks, I followed the instructions and added the Rangers, so I guess it will just magically show up on the Lock Screen once the game starts? I’ll report back tonight.

The Sports Alerts app does this, after you select the game you want to monitor:

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So I kept looking at the Lock Screen during the Rangers game and nothing happened. I finally decided to look at the My Sports section in Apple News. I then tapped a button to watch in the TV app. It is in the TV app where this Follow button appears.

Once I tapped on Follow, the live update appeared on my lock screen. So there is the clumsy, almost impossible to find feature. I wonder how many other people will figure this out?

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BTW, you can follow more than one game which is cool.

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Doesn’t work for me either.

I’ve got Apple One, which I thought included Apple News, but it wants to charge me 9.99/month when I open it. Not worth it to see sports scores…I don’t want anything else,

Edit: It looks like you have to go to the Premier plan to get News (plus 2TB storage and Fitness). Still a $10 increase over the Family plan. No thanks.

You can go directly to the TV app and scroll down to the Sports section. You don’t need to go through the News app.

It worked for me on the iPhone when I searched using Spotlight “Celtics score”. Spotlight displayed the score and gave me a button that let follow the game. Once I did that, everything worked as promised.

I’ve not seen a game surface on the lock screen though without taking that action even though I have the TV app configured with my favorite teams and for live scores.

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For anyone who might be interested, the FotMob app is very good at this with (but only with) football/soccer matches. You just tap a star on any specific match page and that match will be added to the lock screen as well as the Dynamic Island when you leave the lock screen. Here’s a random match happening now that serves as an example:

And Dynamic Island:

Thanks, I was wondering since I have the TV app set up as well and haven’t seen any live scores yet. I’ll give it a try for the next round.