Anyone gone back to Newton email?

There is a long thread from 2018 where Newton email was discussed, and a few people were upset when it disappeared. Now Keep Productive are spruiking the 3rd coming of the app. Looks to me the same as it was back in the day. Has anyone here taken the plunge and gone back to it?

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Once burned…


Tried it again when it came back recently. I was hoping development would pick up but I haven’t seen anything (maybe I missed it though). Went back to Airmail which, while buggy, keeps adding features and still works better in my opinion.


I was a huge fan and was happy to pay their subscription price. However, after they shut down the first time, I didn’t jump back on.

I am keeping an eye on what the new developers do.

In saying that, I’m kinda off third party email clients and have moved to the Apple mail apps. The privacy policy of most third party email clients do not give me any comfort.

Apple mail is just fine. it gets the job done. its good enough to manage email and bad enough to keep me away from always checking my email.