Anyone have a LaMetric clock or similar?

Could be fun to tinker with via Shortcuts, ifttt, etc.


Here’s a link, for anyone else who’s curious:

First I’ve heard of them!

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I really want one, but don’t have one yet!

I knew I’d seen something like LaMetric before. I backed a clear predecessor on Kickstarter in 2014!

The Alarmclck was just a Raspberry Pi attached to an LED display in a pretty wooden box.

It never really worked well for me, and the glass screen fell off. Hah. It was the first time I was burned by Kickstarter… but it wasn’t the last. :grimacing:

The sad thing is that the project was also brutal on the creators:

While this has been admittedly stressful to you all, it has reduced Fig’s life expectancy not only the 247 days since you kickstarted AlarmClock but ten fold, AND less people love us online, AND we have less money in the bank.

I got one as a gift a few years back. Haven’t tinkered much with it last showing me some social media metrics.

In your recent Mac Pro Wheels St Jude video, I saw the Lametric clock in the background and it looked really nice showing your Twitter and YouTube stats. I read reviews in amazon saying that the company have not been updating their software and many of the apps are dead. How are you finding it?

It’s definitely not the dream I had hoped for. The software is pretty basic and can be buggy. It was a gift; at this point I wouldn’t buy it for myself.

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Thanks… looks like I’ll take it off my Wishlist. It does look and sound promising but if there’s no updates, it’s as good as dead. What a shame though.