Anyone have a list of commands for Siri dictation?

Hey all,

I just got my 16" M1 Pro 32GB and decided to leave the clean install instead of migrating. So am I deciding whether to install Dragon for dictation and would prefer to not use it and have fewer tools installed.

I was impressed with the dictation accuracy of Siri, but I am struggling with basic things like “new paragraph” or “scratch that” which are standard commands in Dragon.

My ask: Does anyone know of a Monterey-current list of Siri dictation commands? I have not seen anything that addresses this question online.

Much appreciated.

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I think this support page lists quite a few:

Here’s another long list last updated Dec 2020:

If you have time to spend learning and customizing it, Talon Voice is a powerful speech recognition program.


Sal Soghoian has a lot of info on his Automation site for this: Voice Control. Note the site still refers to it a Dictation Commands and not Voice Control.

With a package of additional commands available for download, Custom Commands.

I just stumbled upon this yesterday, and have a to do to play with this some time this week.

Talon looks intriguing. Another time sink to add to my to do list. :slight_smile:

Wow these are very helpful - thanks!

Thank you all! Much appreciate the time!