Anyone have experience with Mac Stadium

Does anyone have experience with Mac Stadium? If so, how is it and what sort of workflows are you using it for? I’m considering it to run a Plex Server.

I don’t have personal experience but Mac Stadium has 90 minutes of instructional video on Plex, broken down into six videos on YouTube.

$400/yr + hardware to host Plex in the cloud seems pretty hardcore…

Yup. Been using MacStadium (previously MacMiniColo) for about 6 years now.

I’ve used it with Plex, too. Works a charm.

I use it for tons of other stuff, including being able to get to a Mac from my iPad Pro even when I’m not on my home network.

The download speeds are not all that fast, but the upload is great for Plex (I only get about 20 from home):

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I was just wondering because right now, I keep adding drives to my 2010 Mac Mini that runs as my Plex Server. Eventually, this solution will require rebuilding the Plex library every time you need to replace a drive.

Maybe I’m over complicating things, maybe, I just need to buy one 8-10 TB HDD. Re-pointing everything though, that’s a pain.

  1. MacStadium will let you use one external drive, but it must be bus-powered, so I think you’re limited to about 5TB there.

  2. An 8-10 TB drive for Plex is the best long-term plan.