Anyone have experience with Momentum?

The Momentum task manager looks interesting. Anyone used or using it? Experiences?

Thanks for that.

The app looks very interesting. I haven’t gone any farther than the video on the link you posted, but it looks like it might consolidate several apps I’m using. I’m going to give the demo a try. I haven’t looked at the price, but, if it’s reasonable, I might give it a go.


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$5/mo with optional subscription.
So if you don’t need it, say, in the summer months, you don’t have to pay. I assume all data is retained during that time.

I’m getting to this a bit late but I use Momentum. I’ve found it hit or miss. There is a lot to it that is nice but the real value is hidden behind the Plus membership…as it should be. For me I just haven’t found enough value to pay $4 a month for.

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Glad you replied to this. I’ve been revisiting momentum this morning and like the way it links things “up the mountain” eventually to the “I am” level where the big visions live.
Not sure I’ll jettison the system I’ve developed in NotePlan, but I might be able to emulate some of the Mountain using tags, perhaps.

This (linking actions to project to goals) was the thing I liked about August Bradley’s Life Operating System, but there was just too much overhead and tedium in creating and maintaining it.

One thing that worries me about Momentum is their longevity. The latest posts to their YouTube and Twitter were some two years ago.

Yes, that is a definite risk. The Firefox extension was last updated Sept 2nd so it is still actively being developed. I’m not sure how many people the plus features will appeal to enough to purchase. I guess time will tell. For now I’m enjoying the free version and if it sticks I’ll consider the paid tier.

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Will they have an actual app to download ?