Anyone have suggestions for a mind mapping iOS app that utilises the Apple Pencil?


I’m unable to find the above on the App Store that is in any shape or form satisfactory.

I’d like to use the Apple Pencil to draw mind maps.

The apps that are available are either hideous (onenote), overly complex (concepts) or lack the most fundamental thing you need; infinite canvas (or at least big enough).

I’ve looked for over an hour on google and I’m amazed no-one has made an app specifically designed for this purpose; a basic app that lets you draw in it, with a big canvas that allows you to zoom in and out with a dozen or so basic colour pens and an eraser which backs up in the cloud and can be exported.

Anyone found this unicorn?

I may do something crazy and bring out my A3 paper! Don’t make me do it!




You’re looking for a drawing app, not a mindmapping app, yes? Although I like Concepts, which you find overkill, the best alternatives are probably Notability and Goodnotes. $8 or $9 depending on the app.

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Nebo MyScript is also a good option.

If you want infinite canvas and use Apple Pencil for mind mapping at the same time, ZoomNotes is probably your best bet. It is a very powerful app, so it has a learning curve.

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I recommend ZoomNotes on the iPad for drawing,


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Thanks, but the canvas is to small on those for mind mapping.

Concepts is an infinite canvas.

I have dealt with this dilemma, too. There’s no real mind mapping app that has satisfactorily made use of the Pencil. Concepts is what I settled on because its tools make it quick and easy to draw mind map features and templates.

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Concepts, then! (Just don’t use what you don’t need - I seriously love that app.)

In iThoughts you can use the Pencil to add new nodes as children or siblings of the current node.
It also has a “doodle” mode where you can draw with finger or Pencil, and the drawing becomes a vector - for example erase will remove a whole line not just the pixels under the eraser. It has an infinite canvas.

There’s a video on the Doodle feature here:


@Beresford_Salmon a little late but just doing some research on Mind Mapping software and seen your post. I think this will fill the ticket for you.

I have been using this software on my iPad then Mac. It is really mind-blowing. You can embed videos in it, link into Notion, Collaborate.

Watch this video on the software IMHO it is a game-changer and fun to use as well. I have creating content on the iPad with the Apple pencil

Miro Demo

With the addition of Scribble in iOS 14, your hand written text can be written into any text box. U find iThoughts the closest to meeting the hand drawn mind map goal, because it has allowed users to hand draw pictures for topics for several years. You can still paste or drag images to topics as well. I find the app. be very easy to use to create mind maps, adding topics dragging topics to new spots in the mind map.

As another person said Zoomnotes works pretty well too, you can also link images, urls, and other media within your hand drawn mind map. It is not strictly speaking a mind mapping tool.


@hapatterson Yes a solid program I wonder why @MacSparky does not seem to purport as he did in the past.

I still am sticking to Miro for iPAD.

I am definitely moved on from Mindnode but Mindmanager for both Windows and Mac is miles ahead others that covers everything that you can want in a complete idea creation, execution and project management system.