Anyone having fun with “Good Morning” Shortcuts?

Mine is pretty simple at the moment…

Turns on a couple of lights
Turns on coffee
Speaks the weather from Carrot
Plays NPRs News Now
Plays music from a playlist

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I’ve setup an almost identical “Good Morning” shortcut, only I use the Dark Sky API for the weather and the BBC RSS feed for the news headlines.

I’ve also got it to tell me any items I have on my calendar for the day,


My “Goodmorning Siri”:

  • turn on the coffee machine
  • turn the volume to max
  • speak a random pre-defined custom good texts
  • give me the weather throughout the day from Dark Sky
  • reading the five latest headlines during the past eight hours for:
    domestic news
    foreign news
    political news (foreign and domestic)
  • depending on the current weather outside propose for me to eat my breakfast
    either on the patio, in the kitchen, or the dining room
  • wish me a great day by speaking one of several pre-defined texts
  • start playing one of eight playlists in Apple Music depending on the time of year & the weather outside

Yup, I’m almost in a relationship with “my” Siri :laughing:


Ha! That’s fantastic. I live in a tiny house in the woods with 2 dogs and a cat. If I’m not talking to them I’m talking to Siri.


Can you share the process for creating that shortcut?

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Yes sir, please do :blush:

Where do your Apple Music playlists play? HomePod or IPhone?

A I’m just starting to dig into Shortcuts. I had a couple of Workflows previously but very simple. I’m intrigued by this thread.

If I understand some of the above, I’m really intrigued by the idea that I can ask Siri, “what’s up today,” and she can audibly tell me what the weather will be from Dark Sky and tell me any calendar events. If this is possible, I don’t know how to make it happen.

I always had trouble in the past with the Workflow Gallery and this feels the same.

I’m happy to buy David’s field guide but wondering if I’m off base to begin with.

[Edit] - I have now figured out how to have Siri speak my calendar events but I can’t figure out how to have her tell me the weather.

I’ve noticed that using Overcast, I can set Siri commands. Is this how all third party apps work with Siri? I see nothing in Dark Sky.

@FrMichaelFanous & @michael I basically started out with this workflow (this one is in Metric scale - the Imperial scale is here) from @RosemaryOrchard and started building on top of that.

I’m sending you this workflow instead of my customized one since this will get you started on the Dark Sky API (just remember to sign up for a free API key beforehand) which otherwise can be overwhelming, to say the least.

I recommend you make a duplicate of the workflow, just in case.

From then on the process of determining the time of year, and the weather outside vs where to eat ist really just a bunch of IF statements stacked on top of each other (a LOT of them):

IF->condition-do this - otherwise - IF-> condition-do this - otherwise - IF->condition… and so on, until all conditions are dealt with.
The conditions I use regarding time of year is: Date-Format Date: time:none date:short

It’s the exact same procedure when deciding which playlist to play, really.

I have it - at the moment - as one huge pile of variables and IF’s and TEXT’s and so on, but are getting ready to split it up, so in the future it would be one workflow for Dark Sky, one workflow for the time of year, one workflow that gathers the pieces and determines what playlist to play, and which place to eat is recommended.

Regarding the predefined texts to speak is just a list of predefined texts (by me), and the choose Random action from one of those.

The news is a simple RSS feed action, cooked into a variable, and then inserted in the final text (with all variables inserted) and then a Speak action.

Hmmm… that’s pretty much it.

Have fun customizing it to your liking - and remember to always make a duplicate when one of your customized actions work :wink:

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It just plays from my iPhone :smiley: