Anyone having problems with Spark Mail after iOS 14? Corrupts sent emails!

I am using Spark as an email client in iOS/iPadOS and since the last update, many of my receivers got my emails with bad coding as shown in the picture. This seem to be happening randomly; some receive it correctly some do not and it has happened already in several platforms (Windows, MacOS, Android etc…) Also my sent mail somehow becomes corrupt also so I lose all I have written. I have logged out the account from Spark and set it up again with no good results. My account is a corporate Office 365. The MacOS version of Spark however is sending the mail perfectly. Thanks in advanced for any help or clue.

Well that’s scary. I have Spark as my default email app. I haven’t had anyone tell me they got a weird email like that though.

Yes, it happened to me too. I was using it when I upgraded to iOS 14 and a few of my contacts received an email just like this.

I’ve gone back to Mail for the time being.

Sad to say, yes— I’ve seen this. As far as I’m aware it’s been limited; had one notification from someone who’d received a garbled email from me, but they had also received the email I’d sent as it should have been. Haven’t seen any corruption in my sent email. So I’m thus far carrying on business as usual, and hoping it doesn’t become an issue. Aside from this, Spark has been rock solid for me. Long may that continue.

Presuming everyone who’s seen this has also logged it with Spark/Readdle support?

Glad to read I am not alone on this problem. I have contacted the support team of Spark via email and DM on twitter with no response in 2 days. Sadly as you shared, Spark is no longer an option until this is fixed. I think it is the best email client but the main need is that it sends the communication correctly. I am not happy but I will return to Apple Mail (mediocre user experience but is reliable).

Seems like a bug they have detected. Be careful until it gets fixed!

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