Anyone here do bookkeeping?

Does anyone here do bookkeeping as a freelance gig or on the side? I’m curious about what software you use and how did you gain clients from scratch?


For small businesses I think the main players might be Quickbooks, Freshbooks, Zoho, Xero - services that are cross-platform. (My accountant insisted on my using something she could use on her Windows PC, as most businesses standardized on it long ago.)

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That’s kind of what I figured. QuickBooks would be the easiest route. I’m also curious how people have their business setup

I started doing it as a side gig and it turned into a full-time accounting business some 12 years ago. I’ve used peachtree and Wave back in the day and also used Oracle with bigger corporate clients. Virtually all of my clients use QBO/ QB desktop and Xero now. As for getting clients: word of mouth for 99%.

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Thanks! I have considered creating flyers to post around town and creating a Facebook page.

AIPB used to have boards to one can post. Not sure if that’s still the case but worth a quick check.

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I do accounting and some bookkeeping. Most clients at my day job use QuickBooks desktop but more and more lean toward the Online version. I prefer QB Online for most clients so as not to fuss w/backups and multiple versions.

I also use Xero for a side business and a couple clients. it is like the Apple of accounting software if QuickBooks is Windows/Microsoft if that makes any sense.

Freshbooks is not really full accounting so I stay away from it.

As far as getting clients, just talk to people - small business owners and other accountants that are not tech savvy or don’t want to do bookkeeping. Most CPAs see it as below them for some reason, which is a good thing for folks like us that enjoy it.

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Awesome advice! Thank you!

I use Xero in NZ for several web based service ( no stock ) businesses and for our US web service business using 2 separate instances each in local currency. Xero can be frustrating if you have used other accounting software, but it gets the job done , and your accountant can be given access to fix tax things and stuff.
Best parts of Xero - bank feeds straight into your system each day ( note these need to be reconciled - can be tedious, can be automated ) and automatic reminder emails sent as invoices reach certain date or become more and more overdue.
Suppliers who also use Xero -and many do - can send an invoice that can be loaded directly into your Xero - this same a lot of time.
Zapier works with Xero .
Worse parts of Xero - if you publish many invoices for the same amount - we do, Xero will auto-match on amount ignoring the provided invoice number - doh - no they will not fix that ever. But at least Xero will produce a short list of invoices for the same amount.
Also not very customizable - no wait that is a good time - you are using it to get stuff done by the hour that you can charge the client, not to make it do fancy stuff.
Simon if you are curious.

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