Anyone here using a hardware firewall in addition to their NAT router?

I don’t know that I need one, just curious about options and what people are doing. Thanks!

p.s. Using Eero over here.

PfSense. It’s magic!

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At home, no. At work, we use Palo Alto Networks firewalls (and have never had the misfortune of having to use NAT :slight_smile: ). If I were looking for a home firewall, I’d probably look at PAN’s smaller stuff, but I really don’t see the need.

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I’ve been considering it, but all of the inexpensive (read: under $500) ones are slowed down considerably if you use them as VPN clients (to encrypt/mask all the traffic coming out of your home) because OpenVPN is CPU-bound (IPSec seems to be much better).

Even for a pfSense box, you’re looking at several hundred bucks to get something fast.

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