Anyone here using Diarly?

Curious if anyone here is using Diarly and if so, what their thoughts are. A LONG time ago, I used Day One for a short time. But I think I’m interested in restarting a diary. Nothing too fancy.

I had set up something basic in Obsidian but I was a little directionless and don’t love using that app.

I do have Setapp so that’s a plus since Diarly is on that.

I’ve been using Diarly seriously for about 18 months in total. I have over ten years and a dozen journals in it imported without problem a while ago from Day One. I have a daily journal used every single day and the others are for particular purposes (e.g. piano practice and learning, quarterly review, a holiday in California)

It took me a little while to set the editor (font, size, line length) etc. to preferences that work for me and a while longer to set the prompts I wanted in some journals (e.g. a weekly review journal) as there has to be some trial and error, but I now don’t think about Diarly at all: just about what I want to write. The sync is rock solid and fast for me and I use the encryption it provides - it took quite a while to do the initial sync to encrypt but it works fast and smooth now between my Mac, iPhone and iPad. I occasionally dictate from my watch too.

It looks and feels a bit less polished than Day One, but I can’t say I have ever missed anything from that app and I haven’t had the niggling issues (e.g. weather disappearing, web access suddenly being added) that I had with Day One. Development is still active and the developer responsive. Give it a try.

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I use it sporadically. I, too, moved from Day One. I gave up Day One after realizing I was wasting my money (journaling is one of those things I always think I should do, but I always re-discover that it’s just not my thing). I occasionally get on a spurt and use it for a week or so, usually for ski trips to memorize things or remember tips/tricks I pick up, and then stop using it. So for that limited purpose, I’ve noticed no difference between Diarly and Day One, except for when I used an IFTTT recipe to save my social media likes and posts to Day One. I’ve lost the ability to do that.

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Thank you, @chrisecurtis and @Evan. I’m going to give it a whirl. Need to not do too much at first.

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I use it, it is one of the apps I re-signed onto after leaving Setapp.

I agree with what others have said - I like it, although I am a sporadic diarist.

It is simple and easy to use. it does all that I want a journal app to do. The developer is also improving the app - I noticed recently that it can now transcribe notes.