Anyone know where to get a good deal on an  Pencil gen 1?

I already know about the education discount but is there any other decent way to get one cheaper?

Not unless there’s a time-limited sale. It’s $95 on Amazon right now, but six weeks ago, for one day only, it was $80 there.

Occasionally you’ll see a refurb unit for 15%-off on, but those offerings are sporadic and sell out quickly.

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Logitech crayon would be an alternative, $69.99 on Amazon.

The Apple Pencil does show up on their Refurb site every now and then for $79US. Comes with full 1 year warranty.

Not owned the Gen 1 pencil, but I will say I have been very happy with the Crayon (at least once I figured out I sometimes have to twist the tip tight to make sure the iPad recognizes it).