Anyone Know Where to Get Some Quality Stream Deck Icons?

I love love love my StreamDeck! I can’t imagine not having one anymore, but I am really needing some new and better icons. I know that they have that icon maker page on the Elgato website, but I am just not too thrilled with how they look, or even more importantly having to create them myself (aint nobody got time for that).

Any recommendations on icon sets that could be used for Stream Deck? Like many here, I use it mostly to fire off keyboard shortcuts and Keyboard Maestro scripts. I am pretty tired of the default keyboard shortcut icon, but don’t really want to design my own.

Love some tips!

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I’ve been using some of the free icons on Iconfinder.

I brought the Shortcut icon sets from Macstories,, and use some of those on my Stream Deck. I use the coloured icons on the black background that are part of the set I purchased.


Josh Hughes also has a great collection of Perspective Icons for OmniFocus 3 that look great on the Stream Deck.


Thanks all! @timstringer That is along the lines of what I want, alas, I don’t use OmniFocus. I would love “app packs” for apps like Safari, Things, Lightroom, etc. I started building my own, but quickly got bored of it.

I have Federico’s set, which are good, but still not what I really want.

You’re welcome, @bodiequirk. You may find that some of the OmniFocus perspective icons are generic enough that they can be used for at least some of your Stream Deck actions.

I’ve been using Icons8 service forever – def my go to.
The free tier is more than sufficient if you’re only using it for Stream Deck icons.

Download the Mac app and you can change colors, sizes, etc.

Thanks for reminding me about these @timstringer. I completely forgot that I had these. Now off to do some more essential work customising my Stream Deck :slight_smile:

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When I Googled for these (hint, hint :wink: ) I found these websites:

Nerd or Die
Bart Johnson Productions
100+ Free Stream Deck Icons

So far I created the icons myself though.

You’re very welcome, @darranwest. Happy customizing!

If you own MindNode, the app’s “stickers” are essentially gorgeous icons. I delved into the application’s resource folders to find them and use them in a lot of my personal automation iconography (including the Stream Deck).

Apple’s SF Symbols font also provides many beautiful monochromatic icons.


I use these on my Stream Deck. Very happy with them. Also the B&W versions do very well (color for “on” and B&W for “off”)

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Has anyone noticed high ram usage from Stream Deck? I’ve decked mine out with tons of icons (downloaded & custom) and wondering if all the custom icons are partly to blame?

I also avoid using GIF icons because I’ve found the animation to struggle a bit, figured they’d also be responsible for performance hit.

Running on 2019 MBP16, i9 2.4, 32gb, RadeonPro5500m

These are are super easy to customize (size, stroke width, color) and open source:

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In Activity Monitor, it looks like Stream Deck uses ~45.0 MB of memory for me. (20190 MBP 13-In, 16gb memory)

With KM 10 released, has there been a way to mirror the application icon (Things, Twitterrific, etc) to the Stream Deck? It’s a shame that when I want to change icon in Stream Deck and I choose “Set from File”, I can’t pick the Application (they are greyed out). Stream Deck have such as nice and capable screen and yet, we are not able to display these beautiful icons.

A friend just released some Zoom and Emoji icons for Stream Deck: