Anyone mess with VMware or Docker on their Mac?

I have a 9 year old Mini with an old quad-core i7 and 16GB of RAM that I leave up all the time, thinking about tinkering with one or both of those.

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That should be more than enough to run docker

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I occasionally run Win 10 on VMware.

I run Docker containers on both my iMac Pro, and on my Synology NAS.

On the NAS I run MinIO in a docker container, and it’s a sink for my Arq backups. I’ve run PiHole (no longer used), and the SETI software (forget the name, no longer run it).

On my iMac I am using and learning about fmri processing software like fMRIPrep, and nipype (for which there is a great tutorial Jupyter notebook that runs in a container.
I’m also beginning to learn about doing analysis within a container, so that years down the road someone can load the container (on macOS, Win or Linux), and have all the data and software just as it was when it was left. This will be great for sharing and for reproducible research.

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I run VMWare on my MBP, and have done for years, mostly Linux VMs, but Windows once in a while. Your system specs are fine, assuming your workloads will fit :slight_smile:

In fact, when I muck about with Docker, I run it in a Linux VM.