Anyone notice slower iCloud file downloads?

I’ve been using iCloud for all my documents for the past year. In the past week or so there’s been a very noticeable delay opening/downloading documents. I tap and it seems to be at least a minute before a document even begins to download. Even saving a document into my main iCloud Documents folder has a delay before the file will appear locally.

Previously, with the same device (iPad Pro with LTE), this sort of thing was nearly instant excepting larger files.

Edit: Hmmm. Now iCloud files won’t even download. I get an error with helper application. Seems to be an issue just with this iPad. My iPad Air 2 and iPhone are accessing files normally. Anyone have any experience with this?

If you log out of iCloud on the iPad, reboot it, and log back in again, does the issue persist?

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I turned off iCloud documents, did a restart. Oddly, nothing showing up now in my iCloud documents. Everything is still on my other devices… but for some reason the iPad doesn’t see any af it. Will give it some time. Next step will be to sign-out of iCloud. Was hoping to avoid that as it seems to take awhile for everything to repopulate when signing back in but it may come to that.

Perhaps coincidentally, today it took about 20 minutes for Ulysses on my MacBook to sync with iCloud. Same network as always. Usually happens in a couple of minutes.

You could run Speedtest by Ookla to verify the networking part of your end.

Ran it from school the other day. Fat pipe, lol.

That’s actually my standard speed thanks to FiOS gigabit fiber service. :exploding_head:

But, today’s iCloud sloth is not a network issue.

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Apple System Status shows that some users of most iCloud services had some “issues” earlier this week that were solved on Wednesday.

I’ve found that when iCloud syncing just won’t work on some device that there is often a problem on Apple’s end.

This problem still persists for you?

I ended up turning off iCloud completely. It took awhile after turning it back on but it did eventually sync back up and is working normal now with the exception all the custom icons for folders are missing… just all generic blue folders. I assume eventually they’ll normalize.

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