Anyone playing around with – a new(?) collect/organise/capture everything solution?

Stumbled across it via a post on Twitter – did a quick search here, and doesn’t seem to have been posted about before? – taking early access requests… And mention is made of a “demo option”.
Seems very slick and cross-platform, with some bi-directional linking and organising options in the library/background, with heavy emphasis on keyboard-only smart capture. :person_shrugging:t4:

Figured I would pop something up – might prove interesting to some…


It sounds interesting, but it is one more of those companies, who are hiding there identity, and the few information you could find are not very consistent.
I am not sure, if I would trust a company like that, when it comes towards the security of my data.

Looks awesome! But, apart from the legitimate concerns that @Ulli has already expressed, I feel some “note taking fatigue”. After having tried Evernote, Apple Notes, DEVONthink, Agenda, and whatnot I have settled into having everything on my iCloud Drive and using EagleFiler, Notebooks, Obsidian or even plain Finder. It is much harder to switch note taking and knowledge management tools than it is to switch task managers, for example, so I am wary of these tools.

But it is tempting, this one!

I too am taking a bit of a tech hiatus ATM… Even listening more inconsistently to MPU podcasts, and this from someone who never missed an episode. :astonished:

But yes – whilst not being too open about who is behind this, does look nice and shiny. But not for me, presently. But hey – maybe it scratches an itch for someone else!