Anyone recognise this symbol


I’ve noticed that on occasion when my Mac is in sleep mode I am noticing an icon on the screen that I have not seen before. I am wondering if anyone else can let me know what it is.

It’s the one that looks almost like a pair of Binoculars next to the % of battery sign.

The binoculars icons mean completely different things and they can tell you different things:

  • if you see it on the lock login screen, it means that your computer is actively creating a video of your screen
  • If you see it while your computer is unlocked, it means that you enabled the “Remote Management” option on your Mac.
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Now I’m concerned about that answer :flushed::scream:

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I’ve had the same issue recently but I’m 99% sure it’s from Duet Display which has been barely usable lately - see comments in

reboot removed it

Yes. That makes sense. I tried to use it and was also gutted that it didn’t work since the Catalina update. Was pretty pissed off that sidecar doesn’t work on my 2015 MacBook Pro

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Same. I ordered a Luna display to salve my wounds.
I’ve connected it, but haven’t used it more than a few minutes.

FYI, here’s a Sal Soghoian special which the Luna display makes possible (and is pretty crazy powerful if you’d like a remote button dashboard for your desktop!):

Oooh! Shiny!