Anyone Tried Bitwarden?

I’ve been playing with Bitwarden Password Manager for a couple of days and I must say I’m impressed.

Sure, it’s not at the level of 1Password but its a close second place. I find it better than LastPass that is for sure.

I like how the free plan is really all that 90% of people need. It’s open sourced and works on all the major devices.

The polish is not there compared to 1Password. I found that Bitwarden was iffy on creating new accounts and remembering the password or seeing that I made a change to the password to a site. It also lacks the word password generator which I come to love in 1Password.

But if I had someone come up to me wanting to see what password managers are all about without having to spend money I would point them to Bitwarden now.

Curious to see if others have tried Bitwarden yet?

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I am giving it a try.

For $4/month why not get the software that has no compromises?

It doesn’t hurt to check out the competition. I still use 1Password, but it can be a hard sell to someone who uses a notebook or their web browser to save their password to fork over $4 a month. They’re more likely to try something free, and Bitwarden is the best free option I can find.

Edit: I want to add that having 2 password managers does have it perks. I can use Bitwarden for passwords I have to use on other computers like the work computer. This way I don’t have to give up my important log in info while on a computer I don’t trust.