Anyone use Apple Card with kids?

My kids all have iPhones but aren’t old enough to have their own credit cards. Given a lot of places are still using contactless payments (and who carries cash anymore), I was thinking about enacting Apple Pay on their devices.

I remember when the Apple Card was introduced there was discussion about kids being able to be on their parents accounts with a limited amount of credit. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks in advance.

We use Apple Cash via Apple Pay all the time with kids. I wasn’t aware of the ability to share credit card with children.

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I have my two teens (16 and 13) as authorized users on my Apple Card. I have transaction limits on them both, and they are Apple Pay only, I did not get physical cards for them.
It’s perfect for food trucks, clothes shopping, etc.


I share my Apple Card with my kids. If you go in to the Apple Card settings, there are instructions for adding people as “participants.” They actually can request their own physical card as well. Their purchases just get added to my overall bill. You can set transaction limits, but I don’t think there is a way to set a monthly limit, although you can get notifications if monthly spending screeds certain amount. You can also turn it off and on right from your phone. I could be wrong about this, but if the participant is over 18, it actually helps build their credit score (assuming the bills get paid).

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So then there’s really no need to even get the Apple Card, I can just add money to their Apple Pay and they can use their phones to pay for things? That seems easy enough.


EDIT: Apparently Apple Cash has an age limit.

What’s the difference between a transaction limit and monthly limit? Does this mean they can’t buy one $10,000 item, but they can buy 10,000 one-dollar items?