Anyone use Awesome Note? Have you even heard about this BEAUTIFUL note taking app?

I believe I am probably the only person who is still using Awesome Note as my go-to journaling application. I have been using this app since iPhone 4 and while the developer had created a second version (and have not been updating it for some time), it still works remarkably well in my iPhone Xs and modern iPad Air.

The few features about this app that I think you all will like:

  1. It’s just so beautiful! Seriously, look at this and tell me you don’t love it. Each note can have different templates depending on your mood.
  2. There are many ways to display your notes. You can choose a photo grid or a diary-like display and they are all done with good taste

  3. It has a to-do view so, if you are into Reminders, this app have you covered.
  4. There’s a calendar as well if you are inclined to have a view of when each note was created.
  5. It syncs to Evernote or iCloud

It works as a standalone and you only have to pay a one-time price, no subscription. I am just surprise that it’s not as well known as I’d have like. Except, maybe in Korea, as the website seems to have a site dedicated to Korean speaking people. Maybe it’s made in Korea, who knows?

For Mac use who emphasise looks and design, this is the app you gotta at least check out.


I still have it on my phone for nostalgia and the occasional surprise when a small update comes through.

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It’s still very usable, to be honest. And I also recently did a Drafts action to send text from Drafts to Awesome Note. I was surprise that it supports URL scheme!

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Can you import from Day One?

I don’t know. Maybe not. But you could import to Evernote and sync it back into Awesme Note.

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You are not alone! I think I have two copies on all my iDevices. You are so right in that it’s a lovely app!

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I used the app if only because it supported a connection to Evernote.

It was rather flakey at one point in the distant past.

I’d go back to using it, but most of my note-taking is now done with an Apple Pencil.


I’ve been using aNote since i got an iPhone 4 as well. Used it as a diary, for to-do lists, shopping lists, birthday calendar, note taking (of course), and occasionally as a reminders replacement. And yes, i love how beautiful it is!

HOWEVER, i pretty much stopped using the app because it has become too unreliable. Maybe i was accumulating too many notes (well over 1500 over the years), but whatever the case, every once in a while, some note would “forget” its content and go empty. Restoring from backups worked (if i had some), but it should not have been happened in the first place. No update of the app in over 3 years means i’m finally done with it.

Also, i’ve since then started to embrace using multiple devices (one iPhone, one Mac, and one Windows PC), so i needed something with better sync capabilities across all platforms (and with the possibility to export them in a readable format). Right now i’m giving the free service Joplin a chance. It might not be as pretty, but comes without a subscription service. Now i just need to get all my notes out off aNote first…

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I have Awesome Notes and love it. However, I forget to use it.

I am not sure I could use it just because of its name. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Welcome to MPU. I have aNote synced to Evernote and there are many tools to export Evernote out. Joplin is a fine software but I have settled on Obsidian. I do go back to aNote for certain type of notes e.g. a daily journal but yeah, it sucks that it is not being maintained anymore.

It’s a terrific app. It’s a shame it is not maintained but actually it’s working great!

Thanks Topre! I did get the export (sync) to Evernote to work, which worked surprisingly without a hitch. After having used Joplin for a day or two, yeah, it’s not the same as aNote. Thanks for mentioning Obsidian, i’ll have a look!

Maybe i’ll also give the Evernote sync a try for a while, see how/if it works.