Anyone use Mouse support in iPad OS and Citrix?


This might be a bit out there in terms of combinations, but has anyone installed the iPadOS beta and use Citrix receiver? If so, does the mouse support work? That would let me basically go 100% iOS and connect to my virtual machine as needed.


I sometimes use Citrix Receiver, but I more often use LogMeIn to connect to a work computer. Like you, I hope that the mouse support works in apps like these, turning the iPad Pro into even more of a laptop computer replacement. (I’m not yet using the iPadOS beta so I cannot check myself.)


I am using an iPad Pro 12.9.

I use Citrix fairly regular to administer an application and users. Before iPad OS13 when I would go to the ctxremote website and get prompted to open the Citrix app in the Citrix Workspaces app.

Now, on the public beta it seems the ctxremote site functions as a full website in the new Safari. So, when you have Assistive Touch turned on the mouse works, but the virtual iPad keyboard also keeps popping up. It continues to pop up even when connected to a BT keyboard.

If I turn off Assistive touch the the keyboards does not pop up.

But, it is nice now to be able to use Citrix as a “Full” site like at the office. I use the Pencil as such as I can in Citrix.