Anyone use Wyze cameras/products? Big outage yesterday

Background: I have a few Wyze cameras, a doorbell camera and smart power cord (2 plugs). Until yesterday they worked fine. I’ve also tried their vacuum (returned) and door sensors (don’t work well) Then they had a massive AWS outage yesterday (or so they say).

The power cord is still not-functional, 24 hours later. For some reason, even to turn it on/off it routes through AWS, which is bizarre and not like my other smart/WiFi plugs from VeSync. Had I known this originally, I never would have bought it (echoing several others that said this as well on the massive outage thread).

The doorbell camera isn’t working. Cameras working fine, yesterday they were sporadic but appeared “offline” in the app unless you clicked on each one individually.

I’ve already ordered a replacement power cord (gotta have those holiday lights on schedule) but wondering if I should junk the whole lot.

Anyone else have issues yesterday or recommend an alternative? I would prefer HomeKit since it seems like that would be better designed than whatever Wyze is doing.

My biggest issue w/the whole mess is I never got an email about the outage, only to frantically try to fix all the stuff myself. Finally got a push notification at 7-8pm last night. They claim they had to slow notifications down and roll out in batches to avoid bogging down another system. I finally Googled if there was a problem and found the above thread.