Anyone used Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Dongle with iPad Pro and Netflix?


Tried to get the new USB-C AV dongle to output HDMI to a hotel TV from Netflix.

My understanding is that Netflix supports video out using Apple dongles, but couldn’t get it work. (I can do it using my MacBook Pro mid-2015 which thank goodness still has built-in HDMI port.)

Has anyone tried this? Before I return the dongle, would like to know, but in the meantime, I punted and ordered an Apple TV.

(Amazon two-day delivery to a hotel saving a lot more time and trouble - No wonder the hotel package room is piled sky high with Amazon boxes. Just wondering aloud why I never thought of this in the past.)


If you try it while playing a netflix movie in safari, does that work?
It might be a netflix app limitation (movie rights issue)


Hotel TV HDMI lockdown? Or no support for HDCP 2.2? Try other TVs.

And what do you mean by “hotel package room”?


I think Netflix detect mirroring and won’t allow that, but I will give it a try.


HDMI works on the TV for mirroring, but you are right, it could be an HDCP issue.

Hotel “package room” is the secure receiving area where hotels keep incoming packages shipped to guests waiting for distribution to your room or pick-up.

In this particular hotel it is actually a mini FedEx Office retail “store” next to the meeting center. (Which stinks because they charge a $2 handling fee for picking up a package. OTOH, waiting for a Bellman to fetch it and bring it to my room would cost at least $5 in a tip, so…)


Ah got it, I thought you were referring to something you order from Amazon to watch content in a hotel room!