Anyone used CZUR scanners?

Does anyone have experience with CZUR book scanners? I heard the software wasn’t great for the Mac.

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I don’t know but I’m interested in it too. I’m again axploring the options for scanning a bunch of books and looking at several CZUR options.

I own a CZUR scanner and really like it, at least the scanner itself. The software is pretty bad but more in terms of workflow and stability, not so much in terms of features. It scans fast and reliable and in combination with the foot pedal and the little page holders you can fly through a book. Some months ago I wrote an article about my impressions. It is in German but Safari will do the job of translating it. :blush:

How do you get Safari to translate on the Mac in Catalina?

I googled and it looks like there is a beta translate for Big Sur but not for Catalina.

I can get it done in Google Translate but I have to it in pieces, it won’t take the entire article at once.

This is pretty much my impression too. The software isn’t great in terms of UI / flakiness but overall you can get good quality book scans very quickly.

I wish the software were better but I don’t regret the purchase.

Ah yes, it is Big Sur only. However, Google Translate can translate a whole page at once. Here you go: