Anyone used

Saw in a video by Ali Abdaal.

What I like:

all of my messages in one inbox.

What I don’t like:

$12.50 per month (and the pricing isn’t hidden but isn’t obvious).

I’d love a service like this, but can’t justify $12.50 (or AUD$19) for it.

For that much I’d have expected an iOS client to be already available!

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Runs on Windows and macOS

Supports iMessage

How is that possible?

Even Apple’s own iCloud app on the Mac does not support access to iMessage

I am not aware of any way to. access iMessages except the Message app on iOS or macOS. Am I wrong?

Great question. Saying they support signal and telegram as well. Nothing on the website that explains how. Definitely interesting.

I’m aware of (but I don’t personally use) a competing service named Beeper which appears to have a very similar proposition.

They have this explanation on their FAQ


Interesting. Saw the other day that signal is saying that they’ll pull out of Europe if encryption is undermined. I did read the FAQ and it said that messages never touch their servers. Thanks for sharing!

Wow - very interesting - I am surprised we have not heard more about this sort of app - I will look into this more