Anyone using BetterMouse to replace Logi Options for Mx Master Mice

Recently, the logi options app has been annoying me. I found alternative which appears to be a replacement for the logi options software.

Its called BetterMouse

At first glance, I thought it was from the the developer of BetterTouchTool.

I have not used it yet. is anyone using it and what are your experiences with it?

Many thanks

I haven’t used BetterMouse, but I’ve been using USB Overdrive for years for the exact same reason—Logitech makes great hardware (esp. trackballs) but their software is a resource hog and made me feel like I was somehow compromising my system whenever I was forced to install it.

This is interesting, I’ve installed it and removed logi options.
For the mouse side of things it’s great - I’ve managed to replicate the setup for all the clicks / movements. This includes the wheel toggle that BTT couldn’t detect.
However the keyboard isn’t quite so good, it’s not detecting the row of buttons above the keypad. Seems KM doesn’t either though.

I’ve also found a strange bug in MacOS, if you are using universal control and have logi installed and are using a logitech mouse via USB, the shift key doesn’t work when typing in the iPad.

If you use the USB transceiver rather than bluetooth, or I suspect remove logi options this issue doesn’t happen.

I’m a big fan of Steermouse (SteerMouse) for my MXMaster 3.

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The non-standard keys mapping of logi keyboards is coming soon. This app is far from completed yet:)

I had nothing but issues with Logi Options, especially the Options+

Since I switched to SteerMouse, the experience has been smooth.