Anyone using Drafts 5 as place where you keep notes or lists or writing?

Really interested if people are using the new tagging and workspace features.

If so, do you keep everything in the inbox or do you keep everything in the archive?

Would love to streamline my active apps down … just not quite sure if Drafts can replace Bear without image support and I’m worried a bit about organization.

I have tried that, but found I prefer to make notes there and then send to somewhere else… (Evernote, Ulysses etc.)


I’m currently archiving every note that I need to access frequently, and leaving on my inbox notes that need to be processed. Hope this helps!

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Untagged has become my inbox in Drafts, and then I have various tags which signify work spaces - e.g. blog posts. Archive is for “finished with” and trash is for “this was a fleeting thing that I won’t need to reference again”.


Drafts isn’t where I keep text for a long time; I send text to Bear, Day One, OmniFocus, Twitter, and messages/emails as soon as I’m done writing them. I haven’t tried Workspaces yet because the interface seems a little cluttered and I almost never refer to Drafts after I send them somewhere, but but I think I’ll play with them and see if Workspaces can replace Bear for me.

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Where’s the line between Drafts and Devonthink (and or Apple Notes and or Bear)?

I feel like you probably have this all neatly figured out.

Drafts is for creation, whereas DevonThink is for reference/consumption. I could take notes in DevonThink, but I like the options available in Drafts :slight_smile:

That would be for collaborative notes (at least where we would be unlikely to be working on things simultaneously - for that I would use Quip or Google Docs - depending on the preferences of the other person!).

I was thinking I would when it released for the Mac in the Fall. I rely on my Mac too much to do it now. However, I was using Drafts so much more that I started disliking my current set-up of NValt and Simplenote. Rather than spring for 1Writer or Byword just to edit in Dropbox and try and make Drafts/NVAlt/Byword work, I decided I’d try Bear until Drafts for Mac dropped. Now I’m totally hooked in Bear, and while I see myself getting better use out of workspaces/tags when Drafts launches for Mac, I think I’m going to continue relying on Bear as my central note storage solution.

I use Drafts very much as a ‘write buffer’ for getting stuff out of my head when I’m away from my computer. I have a recurring OmniFocus task for going through my Drafts queue once a week, where I transcribe the text into the appropriate destination (usually either MacJournal or Quiver). If I happen to type out something really long in Drafts, I will just use Transmit to send the text file to my Mac.

Can you explain how you use Transmit to send the text file from Drafts to your Mac.

Interested in this workflow.


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I will use it as a nvAlt/Bear/Notes replacement as soon as it’s on the Mac. Meanwhile I‘m improvising.

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Drafts will let you share a note using a standard share sheet. In Transmit, it’s possible to set up your Mac as a ‘remote’ server if you enable Remote Login (ssh) in System Preferences → Sharing on the Mac side. Select SFTP for the connection type in Transmit, then enter the address (either your LAN IP or [computername].local), port (usually 22), and username/password for the local Mac account you’re logging into. Then just set the root path to whatever location you want the file to go to by default.

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This is my workflow too except I use my inbox for ‘unprocessed’ and I flag items that need action; both are used for quick reference depending on the situation.

A ‘pro tip’ example of quick reference and workflow:

A couple weeks ago the softball team I coach started their season. Not knowing any of the kids, I created a draft list with their names for reference and left it in my inbox with a ‘softball’ tag.

Why my inbox?

Pro tip: I didn’t want to carry my phone with me during practice, so storing the draft in my inbox allowed me quick access to the list on my Watch and a more discrete way of checking names.

As I learned everyone’s name, the draft has now moved from my inbox to flagged. Its not actionable, but I still want it for quick reference (just in case) and don’t feel I need it on my wrist any longer. As the season winds down, the draft will be archived so I can reference it next season via my softball tagged workspace.


Thanks @remmah.

This is a great tip and I’m looking forward to trying it out!

For me, the line between something like Drafts and DEVONthink is exactly as @RosemaryOrchard said: DEVONthink is for long-term or reference storage. Everything else for me lives in Drafts. There are a few shared items that I have which go into Apple Notes, but for the most part, I’m using Drafts for all of it.

What is the most recent mention Greg has given of when he’s thinking Drafts for Mac will be testable? I know he mentioned a goal of this Fall on his appearance on Robby Burns’s podcast and that it’d be pending WWDC news after his appearance on Do By Friday. WWDC is starting to feel like a lifetime ago (although I know it wasn’t), and I haven’t seen any updates on the Drafts forum. Has he said anything on a podcast appearance since then?

Thanks everyone. I have so many questions for all of you.

BTW…This is such an incredible resource. I can’t believe we were using Facebook for this for as long as we did.


I’m loving the discourse too (wasn’t getting as much out of the Drafts community or Omni Forums) but the app leaves something to be desired.

I had a similar trajectory but Bear’s organisational shortcomings subsequently led me to Ulysses.