Anyone using Dropbox for Apple Silicon?

I may need to install the Dropbox app on my M1 MBP. I understand the app is in Beta. Is anyone using it? Any issues?

I am using Dropbox app v155.4.5495 on my Mac Studio (M1 Max). Seems to work well, no problems. No evidence of excess resource or memory usage.

@Arthur Great, is that the Beta? Do you happen to have the link for the download? I want to make sure I get the right version. Thanks!

I’m running the current release of Dropbox for Mac (v155.4.5495) on macOS 12.5.1, which runs natively on Apple Silicon. It works well, and I haven’t noticed any excess resource usage.

The latest release doesn’t fully support macOS 12.3 (or later) on either Apple Silicon or Intel. Dropbox has a support article with specifics on compatibility. Most notably:

If you choose to update to macOS 12.3, you may have issues opening online-only files in third-party applications on your Mac. As a temporary workaround, you can open online-only files directly in Finder.

This article also references a private beta:

A private beta version is currently available to select users. If you’re interested in joining, you can turn on early releases to be notified when you’re eligible.

I’m going to wait until this update is officially available.

Dropbox is working perfectly for me (2021 MBP M1 Pro), but I don’t use online-only files.

Where can I download the latest beta version?

@Bmosbacker – As I noted in this thread, the release of Dropbox for Mac already supports Apple Silicon but doesn’t fully support macOS 12.3 and above. Dropbox is working on adding this support, but I think it’s still in private beta.

Thank you. Forgive me for my redundant question; I’ve never installed betas before so I was a little uncertain as to what I could or could not install. I’m running the latest version of Monterey, I’d better wait, perhaps for the public release. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You’re very welcome, @Bmosbacker. I’d be hesitant to run a beta (even if it were publicly available). Dropbox is a mission-critical technology for me, and reliability is key. I typically open files from the Finder and Alfred rather than the File > Open dialog, so the current limitation that impacts macOS 12.3 and above hasn’t had much of an impact on me.