Anyone using Dual SIM iPhone (with eSIM, or not)?

I have used Google Voice for my ‘business phone’ for years. It’s always been something of a terrible and inconvenient hack, but it was free, and it let me (at least theoretically) separate my work life from my regular life.

Recently, I tried using T-Mobile as a “test drive” (see T-Mobile’s Network Test Drive Puts 5G on Your iPhone’s eSIM - TidBITS) and it worked really well. T-Mobile has 5G in the city where I work and spend most of my Not-At-Home time, and Verizon (my regular carrier) does not.

I’m giving serious thought to switching over to the Dual SIM lifestyle, and I’m wondering if anyone any tips/suggestions/warnings from their experience doing the same.

I think that I remember @RosemaryOrchard once saying that she had a dual SIM iPhone, but otherwise, it’s not something that I’ve heard a lot of people talking about, and web searches were no help.


I’ve been looking into that as well, I need Verizon’s coverage where I work, but remember something about 5G not allowed if you are using the Dual Sim. My main carrier is T-Mobile and I love them.

If that was true at one point, it does not seem to still be the case.

T-Mobile’s 5G works fine as a secondary eSIM with Verizon’s physical SIM as the primary.

I believe there are iPhones sold somewhere (China? Hong Kong?) which can hold two physical SIMs, and I have no idea if that limits the 5G functionality or not.

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Awesome. I’ll have to run down to Verizon and se what my options are then. Thanks.

I use a dual SIM setup on my 11Pro (and my 2918 iPad Pro) while travelling outside of Canada. It works fine, but of course you don’t have the same number on both lines. That isn’t an issue for me because I use a data only service when travelling. It works very well for me.

I have a French eSIM and an Australian SIM. It’s all very transparent and iOS is very smart in figuring out on its own what to use where. My French number can roam, the Australian one can’t, and it very well picks on its own what data to give me. If it won’t, or if numbers get mixed, you can set which line to use which your contacts. It’s very convenient.

(Well, you know, when we could travel.)

This is actually what I want: one local number for ‘work’ and a personal number.

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Here is a link about using 2 physical SIM cards in iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max

For my business I use 8x8 VoiP for just $8 per line per month. Works very well.