Anyone using Family organizer apps?

Title says it all.
I’m trying to setup an effective solution to our family scheduling. Right now I’m using iCloud shared calendars for each person but it didn’t “click” for my wife.
Those Family organizer apps look promising but I’d like to hear from someone who uses them in a daily basis.
Privacy is a concern too, and I see that the most popular apps do track all your info.

Have you considered setting up one non-iCloud email account and letting everyone share that calendar? I’ve used this method to share both calendars and contacts with groups in the past.


Interesting, never thought of doing it this way. I’ll see if it fits my use case, thanks.

I forgot to mention the apps I was looking into:

My recommendation is before looking into other solutions is to understand the limitation or drawbacks of this solution. May be more clarification than just it didn’t click might help.