Anyone using Google Fi?

I’m considering wireless plan changes, and discovered Google Fi is now available for iPhone as a beta. There are aspects of these plans that I like including no extra charge for adding iPads to the data plan.

Is anyone else using Google Fi and if so, how’s it going?

I’m assuming you’re an iPhone user? I tried it for about 6 months. It was embarrassing. No idea why I thought it was a good idea; guess I was being cheap. I highly recommend looking elsewhere.

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What specifically was wrong with it? Coverage? Data speed?

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Coverage and clarity mostly. iPhones are also in “beta” so you don’t have access to all of the features available. I’m in a pretty densely populated area so I figured coverage would be much better. It was like I was conversing on a CB. Definitely was bad for conducting any type of business. I do not recommend using the service.

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I used Google Fi around 3 years back. I used that initially on Android phone (Pixel) then using on iPhone as beta. To get the full advantage, using that on Google phones (like Pixel) would have the best experience.

I think the benefit of using Google Fi is for travellers ( I was travelling for work around 50% for work to 4 continents). You can use one number to roam around the world , the downside is the possibility of people calling you at odd hours from different time zones

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I have a Fi account I have used for international travel. That is, back before the current situation. I still have the account which I suspend for 3 months at a time until I need it again.

Originally, to enable Fi the first time, one needed a Fi compatible phone which had both CDMA and GSM capabilities so they could switch between Sprint and T-mobile networks (in the US). Once provisioned, I was able to move the SIM to my iPhone. I think this hard requirement has been relaxed or eliminated but I haven’t check recently.

I have not used Fi service in the US so cannot comment on how well it works but my understanding is that coverage should be the same as T-Mobile (unless Google moved to other GSM carriers recently).

Allison Sheridan at has at least one blogpost regarding use of Fi for international travel. It might be a bit dated and not exactly applicable for someone wishing to use it domestically but might be a good read for basic info.

It’s a good option for frequent international travelers. Probably the best out there. And I believe it works easily with iphone out of the box now.

Turns out going into the brick and mortar outlet of our current provider and engaging with a real person seems to have resulted in a good outcome for now.