Anyone using Hazel with the MacOS Ventura Beta?

I’m using MacOS Ventura beta ( build 22A5342f) and Hazel stops working after several hours. The log files says:[15733] Worker process for folder ###folder### did not check in.

I can still manually trigger actions, but the automatic checking seems to stop after working for day or so. Restarting my MacBook Air fixes it, but only temporarily. Anyone else seeing this? So far, I’m the only one who has reported this to Noodlesoft.

Hi just to confirm I had the same issue, same message and same symptoms. Tried everything I could think of, and couldn’t find anything online at the time. I guess it’s a conflict with Ventura.

I ended up upgrading machine a couple weeks back and haven’t put the beta on the new one yet but I expect it would be the same.

Thanks very much for replying and confirming you’re seeing the same issues. I’ve contact Noodlesoft and they claim it’s a problem that Apple has to fix. Hopefully this gets addressed before Ventura is released.

Quick update. The latest beta version of MacOS Ventura fixes the issue with Hazel. :slight_smile:

Ah excellent, thanks for updating - will get the beta back on shortly!