Anyone using iPadOS 14 on an iPad mini 4?

I understand that iPadOS 14 supports the iPad mini 4, but it’s at the very bottom of the compatibility chart.

I use it mostly for watching things or reading things, so I definitely do not need any iPadOS 14 features.

Based on that, I’m giving serious consideration to not upgrading it to iPadOS 14, which I presume will be slower than 13.

I’m wondering if anyone else with an iPad mini 4 could comment on whether they have found the experience of iPadOS 14 to be good/bad/neutral – and, preferably, what makes you say so?

I don’t do much serious work on my mini 4, news and some light email, a bit of entertainment. So far 14 seems to run fine on it, no slow down, no drama (yet)

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I haven’t noticed any significant performance difference. For the relatively light use I make of my mini 4 it’s fine

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Same here. No issue whatsoever with Mini 4.

Not the same but I ran the early betas of iOS 14 on iphone 6S with no performance issues at all.