Anyone using kmonad? On an M1?

KMonad lets you do fancy stuff with your keyboard, even if it’s not one of the QMK or ZMK programmable ones. In my case, that would be the keyboard an my M1 MBP. (Fancy stuff like: tap the A key, it’s just A, hold A it’s like left control, double-tap A for capital A, tap-then-hold A it’s Cmd+A, etc. Endless variety, along with multiple layers (say, you type Cyrillic sometimes)).

Compiling and installation is a lot, to be honest, what with installing a Haskell compiler and all the fixings that go along with it. Then hacking up a configuration file.

So I’m at this point now:

connect_failed asio.system:2
IOHIDDeviceOpen error: (iokit/common) privilege violation

I know it’s a bit of a stretch, but if anyone has experience or suggestions on this…

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You’ve just introduced me to what seems like a dangerously deep rabbit hole…


I would become completely lost, by something that complicated!
Having some Hotkeys might be a nice gadget, sometimes, but this seems to be way to complicated, to be of any real help during a normal business day…

Sure, those are all just options, and things that can be added one at a time as needed.
You can take anything to extremes (see attached).

I mainly want home row modifiers and arrow keys, as I think it’s silly the modifiers (Ctrl, Opt, Cmd) are under your hands. So ideally, holding CapsLock would turn the JKL; keys into left, down, up, right arrows. And holding any of A, S, D, F would become Shift, Ctrl, Opt, Cmd. I do variations of this on my Moonlander keyboard, and miss it when on my laptop.

Looks like an amazingly customizable app

The configuration potential looks amazing

But the installation does seem to be a potential time sink

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