Anyone using Syncthing for Obsidian Sync

for personal reason, I have to stop using Obsidian Sync. I am considering whether I should turn on iCloud sync but read a lot of horror stories. Then I come across Syncthing, is this a better solution?

Or should I go for Dropbox for a neater set up.

Appreciate any feedback

nevermind, just read that Syncthing is not officially supported by Obsidian…

FWIW, I am using Dropbox and have never had a single issue with Obsidian - it’s rock solid between Macs. The only draw back of course is that you can’t sync to an iOS device (or rather, Obsidian iOS/iPadOS can’t sync with DB directly, but you can still access your vaults by other means on iPad). I can live with that.

thanks , good to know that although not official, Dropbox works

I’ve also read of people having iCloud sync issues…but I’ve been using iCloud sync on Mac, iPad, iPhone since July 2021 and have never had a sync issue. Maybe I’m lucky, or perhaps they’ve worked out some of the issue at this point :man_shrugging:t2:

I’m not using SyncThing with Obsidian…but I’ve also used SyncThing for several years and it has been extremely solid. You can setup trash and file versioning with SyncThing, which is a nice safety net. Unless I was constantly jumping between devices and editing…I personally wouldn’t hesitate to use SyncThing.

thanks , good to know