Anyone using the Logitech Circle Homekit camera... please share your views

The logitech circle camera has been out for years.

Link: Logitech Circle View Apple HomeKit-Enabled Security Camera - Apple (AU)

I am planning to install this outside. Please share your experiences with this camera. Is it reliable? Can it survive outdoor elements?

to clarify, I wasnt aware there are any subscription for this camera? I understand it exclusively works with homekit. There is no other way to access the camera?

Here are my views :wink:


They work fine for me.
Not always perfect, but good enough.
Mine are pretty far removed from the router, especially the one in the back yard. At times the Live view can take a while to start working.
I have two of the Circle cameras (bought from Amazon), and the Circle doorbell (bought from Logitech, don’t recall why).
When a person is detected by the doorbell, it pops a window up on the Apple TV, which is nice.
When a known person rings the doorbell, all the homepods announce who it is. lol

You can have recordings made for different types of motion - people, animals, vehicles. You can also screen out areas, so I have the street and neighbors driveway masked so a recording isn’t triggered by activity there.
It will also let you know when a package appears (or some clever shadows).

I use mine exclusively through HomeKit, got tired of paying the subscription for the other brand I had, and they were kind of crap.

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I have three of these .
They have never caused a problem and one has been out in the sun and rain for a couple of years now.