Anyone using Typeeto or 1Keyboard successfully?

at work I have a Windows machine and use Across to use my keyboard and mouse also for my iPad. This is very convenient. (At work it allows me to have my favorite iOS apps, and it forwards both keyboard an mouse at the same time.)

Now I’d like to do the same at home (i gave my spouse my second monitor and need some more screen estate), however…

  • I cannot get Typeeto to work. At first I had problems connecting iPad and mac via bluetooth. Now this almost works (at least both iPad and Mac say so), but the iPad does not show up in Typeeto.
  • I don’t want to buy 1Keyboard, if it won’t work either (no trial version). Maybe that’s my next step.
  • Type2Phone is not available in my region (Germany).
  • The Mac download page of Across is broken (I contacted them, but I am impatient).

Yes, as a workaround I use the sidecar feature. However the iOS-app versions are nicer to use.
And I want to try the new cursor on iPadOS tomorrow :wink:

Is anybody using something like this (keyboard forwarding to iPad) successfully?

Any hints appreciated!

I can’t get Typeeto to work either. I have both Typeeto and Type2Phone and last time I tried them the performance was pretty poor.

I’m probably going to get a Logitech Keyboard with the buttons to quickly switch devices so that I can now Mouse/Keyboard to the iPad when needed.

Now the link for Across is working, but still no connection. Only time will tell…

FYI, 1Keyboard apparently isn’t working on Catalina. It looks to be a bug in macOS or iOS where the devices won’t stay connected.

Ah, thank you @hmurchison and @JoePreiser, now I don’t feel like I’m missing something.

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After the recent iPadOS and macOS updates Across on the mac now works!
At least the keyboard part. Still figuring out how to also forward the mouse.