Anyone using Zettlr markdown editor?

I stumpled into this Zettlr markdown editor. At a glance this looks quite good

  • open source
  • support YAML front matter
  • Backlinks
  • connects to Zetero
  • support BibTex citation
  • tagging
  • exports to 35 file formats,
  • plus many more features

and seems to be free. I think it may be a good compliment to editing for Obsidian

Interestingly I have not heard any mention on this forum. Just curious to see any user here

FYI, Zettlr was remarkably transparent in regard to a security hole in its Electron Framework back in May of 2021 Postmortem: Zettlr’s first Security Incident | Zettlr

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Great app, it didn’t really fit in my workflow last time I checked but it’s definitely one of the best desktop markdown editors out there. Might revisit it soon.

wow, I did not know this but seems , as you said, very transparent about this issue and hopefully they learned from this

I gave Zettlr a shot in May, but ultimately decided to use Obsidian instead. I don’t need the Zotero integration and citation features.

Some issues I ran into at the time:

  • No automatic link updating when notes are moved (I use a folder structure)
  • No backlink suggestions
  • Editor jumps around while doing things like checking boxes
  • Zettlekasten filenames (not sure if you can change this)

The first and last issues are fine if you use a Zettlekasten setup, though I think you’d want backlink suggestions even more than you would with a folder structure.