Anyone using Zirtual?

Was recently listening to a Bookworm episode on Tim Ferriss’s Four Hour Work Week and noticed a link to Zirtual. They have plans starting at $298 and starting with 12 hours per month with a dedicated Virtual Assistant. All VAs are dedicated to you and are US based and college educated. It sounds intriguing to me. I am a solo criminal defense attorney and I get hundreds of PDFs emailed to me every month through court e-filing systems. I could see a huge benefit to having a dedicated VA organize my digital files on a regular basis. I did some web searches and it appears that the company made news a few years back when it abruptly folded overnight. But I haven’t seen much info regarding how its done since re-starting its business aside from what’s on its website. Anyone using now or have used in the past year or two?

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Knowing Zirtual’s history admittedly makes me a little nervous. While I have yet to actually get a VA, I know Michael Hyatt is a big fan of Belay:

I’d like to make the case for finding someone local:

  • You can meet in person, if you want
  • You don’t have to pay the VA agency’s overhead
  • You can develop your working relationship, and promote them if things go well and your business allows for this

There are probably people in your city who are already working as a VA and would switch to working part-time online and part-time for a local person if you’re cool. :slight_smile:

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