Anyone with a Logi circle doorbell?

I’m considering getting a Logitech circle doorbell to replace the wired doorbell button that drives a NuTone chime. Having gone through the installation instructions, I’m wondering what stops the doorbell from being stolen, as it press fits into its housing which is screwed to the door. Alternatively, if you can’t remove it once installed, then what happens if you do have to remove it for some reason?

Does it work reliably? I read reports of some users who had it constantly disconnecting and forgetting to record or report people at the door, and others who fixed similar issues by replacing the doorbell transformer or adding wifi extenders.

I’d be grateful to read any reports from people who have this doorbell or any other HomeKit doorbell. I’m not interested in anything with privacy issues or subscriptions other than my existing Apple storage.

I have one and it works well enough.

I’m not super happy with the viewing angle but it covers what it needs to. See attached image.

It’s secured in with a pin that requires something like a SIM card extractor to unlock it.

I live in the desert and the afternoon sun overheats it and it turns off at certain times

If you want “night vision” you have to keep the night light on at all times, I haven’t seen an option yet to where it would turn on when motion was detected. I turned mine off and have outdoor Hue lights that turn on when my Circle View cameras detect motion.

I have my doorbell ring through my HomePod minis so I don’t have the normal chime connected.

I haven’t had any issues with videos recording. Everything seems to be captured.

Overall though it works well enough.

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I have one on the way, along with a regular Logi camera. Fingers crossed.

I’ve been thinking of getting this set up. Is it a simple process, or does it involve setting an automation to play doorbell song from my music library?

Super easy. It’s just a setting under notifications and you can choose which HomePods you have the chime go through.

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I set up my non-doorbell camera yesterday. The setup is very easy and Apple-like.

One caveat - a single camera requires a 200GB iCloud plan for recording, and 2-5 cameras require a 2T iCloud plan for recording. My understanding is the recordings don’t count against your usage.

These look like a great replacement for my Amcrest cameras, and I’ll save the $6/mo/camera for cloud storage. The Amcrest cameras were always kind of a pain to setup and to use.

I switched my Ring doorbell out for the Logi Circle for a couple reasons. 1. Home app integration and 2. Amazon is just creepy about privacy.

So far I am satisfied. Notifications need to be more granular. I did figure out how to adjust the motion zone and that helped. I have turned notifications off, because it is very sensitive and in my setting that is a problem. Finding prior recordings is so-so.

Overall the Home app integration is worth it to me. I like all our Homepods/mini’s ringing when the bell is pressed. I like the image popping up on our Apple TV’s too.

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I watched someone on YouTube demonstrate how to steal this doorbell in about a second using a sim removing pin. If not for that I might get one.

That still leaves you with 29 seconds of recording time. :joy:

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You could also just yank it off with your hand.
Is there a market for stolen video doorbells?
Will perps avoid houses with video doorbells?
I would think porch pirates and others would just go next door if they see a video doorbell.

In neighborhoods close to ours, there have been people wanting to give you a cash offer on your house, and kind of bullying their way in to case your house.
There have also been people knocking on doors and asking to use a cell phone, in fact they are checking to see if anyone is home. (Thanks to Nextdoor, we hear of these things.)
So I think the doorbell is justified.
I might also put a sign on the door that says, “The rich people with the nicest stuff live in the subdivision behind us.” :slight_smile:

of the inside of a pocket?

iOS 15 changed the way the door bell looks on the Home App. I like it.

I just set mine up yesterday. Is the difference that the black bars are removed in the preview tile?

Yes, and it’s zoomed in a little different. You can see my original picture at the top of this post.

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it would be interesting to know if it’s just stretched or actually a different FoV from the camera, or was initially wrong and has been corrected. Many reviewers criticised the FoV / aspect ratio as being one of the downsides. It would be surprising if this was just due to the Apple side of the software and not the camera sensor orientation or lens.

It’s just stretched and zoomed it.